General Information about Iran Tourist Visa

How to get Iran visa ?  What Iran visa requirements ? 

Visa’s law refers to the policy of the majority of citizens of foreign countries whom will need a visa to enter and stay in the country; it may take several months for American passport holders.Despite of on arrival visa which Iran government provided for the ease of entrance for foreign tourists, below nationals of 10 countries (Syria-Lebanon-Turkey-Azerbaijan-Bolivia-Egypt-Georgia-Malaysia-Armenia-Venezuela) can enter and stay during a specified period in Iran without needing a Visa and only by having a valid passport.

According to this, citizens in Low table will be able to stay in Iran without needing a visa. To stay longer than this period they must apply for a visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives.

Iran visa Validation

How long is a Iran visa valid for?

The Iranian visa shall be valid from 1 day to 90 days based on your request, from the time they are issued and put into your passport and passengers shall be permissible to reside in Iran maximum for 90 days(3 months) and in case of approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran, this term may be extended.  The Iran visa fee is different and it depends on nationality.

What documents is needed for Iran visa?

  1. A completed visa application form downloaded from the embassy or consulate website*For tourist visa applicants offering reference number provided by reputable travel agent will sufficient.
  2. Two new biometric 4 * 3 full-face photograph, without a hat, dark glasses and endorsed
  3. Applicant passport must be valid for at least six months
  4. Providing visa issuance and postage fee payment receipt

How Can I get Iran Visa?

Nationals of all countries with a valid passport and residence permit in their country of residence can provide the required documents and visa to travel to Iran. Israeli citizens generally do not have the right to travel to Iran. Please check your country requirements.

Foreign nationals whom are under 18 years old need to provide their father written permission confirmed by official local presence to obtain visa.

All visitors including U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen may visit Kish Island or Qeshm Island for 14 days without needing a visa, even if they need a visa to visit Iran.

The process of getting Iran visa

After receiving your personal data, we will apply for your Iran visa authorization numbers from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Once the MFA has approved your visa, we will send you the visa authorization number. The MFA will also send the number to the Iranian embassy or consulate designated on your application.

How long it will takes for Iran visa to be issued?

The process takes different based on your nationality; normally it will take between 5 to 10 working days.

You will then apply for the visa and take to the Iranian embassy or consulate designated on your Iran visa authorization form and the Iranian embassy or consulate will put the visa into your passport and return it to you.

Visa on arrival At the Airport

According to the Council of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it was decided that henceforth the Passport and Visa Department of State’s offices at the airport of Imam Khomeini, MehrAbad,Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz to issue visas on arrival that allow stays of up to 90 days for holders of ordinary valid passports of the following countries at the request of the visa applicant.

Can I get Visa on arrival?

According to Foreign Ministry citizens of countries such as Somalia, America, Britain, Canada, India, Colombia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are not allowed to get a visa on arrival at the airports.

Do I need Iran visa?

Below nationals can travel to Iran through the Iranian representative in that country :

Albania, Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakian, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia – Ukraine – Italy – Ireland – Bahrain – Brazil – Brunette – Belarus – Belgium – Bulgaria – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Portugal – Peru – Tajikistan – Thailand – Turkmenistan – China – Denmark – Russian Federation – Romania – Japan – Singapore – Sweden – Switzerland – Syria – Saudi Arabia – Oman – France – Palestine – Cyprus – Kyrgyzstan – Qatar – Croatia – South Korea – North Korea – Colombia – Cuba – Kuwait – Georgia – Lebanon – Luxembourg – Poland – Malaysia – Hungary – Mongolia – Mexico – Norway – New Zealand – Venezuela – Vietnam – Netherlands – Yugoslavia – Greece

Travel to Iran as an U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen

Can I travel to Iran as a U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen?

U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen can travel to Iran legally only with some different regulations from other national citizens. The process of applying for Iran visa is slightly different for the named citizens than other nationalities.First thing to do for citizens of the three countries is to apply for their Iran visa 2-3 months before their trip.  But before that, they must obtain a travel authorization number from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign affair (MFA). For obtaining the number an itinerary from an Iranian travel agency is needed.

Once you have the number you can apply for your Iran visa and you can choose which consulate or embassy you wish to pick up your visa form.if you would like to pay a little less for the travel, you can book a tour with a bigger group that will be cheaper and more people will accompany you during your Iran travel.With any case you are traveling with you will be warmly be welcomed by the Iranian officers at the gate.The only occasion in which your admission to Iran will be denied is if you have Israel visa or stamp in your passport.

All Iran travelers can enjoy the hospitality and warm welcomes from Iranians during their trip.

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