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5 Days Desert & Nomad Tour in Budget Mood

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Starry Sky & Tent Life Tour

( 5 Days Desert & Nomad Tour)


Migration is an essence of nomad lifestyle. Annual or seasonal movement of tribes due to the weather change, make their lifestyle as an unique way. Nomads move from winter resort locations to summer grazing lands with their animals and all their belongings.

With a historical glance, existence of nomad was depended on climate condition. Mostly nomad formation is seen on semi-dried and marginal territories.

In Iran the major settlement of nomad was creation in Fars province, Kohkiloye-Boyerahmad province and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

As well as tribe lifestyle,sandy hills and starry sky in vast desert are another Iran unique attraction.

By considering Iran nomad territories and desert area 5 days Iran Desert & Nomad Tour is operated to offer you the highlights of these phenomena.

You will spend 1 night in desert Varzaneh ,which is located at a distance of around 110 km to the east of Isfahan. It is an ancient central Iranian desert town. The fame of Varzaneh, originally and globally is for spectacular desert which ranked as one of the most accessible desert of Iran. The desert night tour and watching star tour will be offered to enjoy of wild land features extremely.

After desert, you will capture all angles of nomad lifestyle by attending in heart of nomad life in tribe tent which are raised up in Koohrang area, Chelgerd -Chaharmahal Bakhtiari.

2 nights will spend in Koohrang and after that you will transfer to Sepidan, Fars province. En-route you will stay in Yasuj for half a day and have a memorable night in nomad tent of Sepidan.

For departing, you will transfer to Shiraz.




 1. Hotel accommodation
 2. Breakfast
3. Airport transfer
4. Transportation (between cities)
5. English speaking guide(Germany,French,Italian,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese are included)

1. lunch
2. dinner
3. tips
4. portage
5. International airfare
  • 1 night Varzaneh
  • 2 nights Koohrang
  • 1 night Sepidan

This tour price will be valid from 05 May 2018 till 20 September 2018.


Varzaneh Koohrang Yasuj Sepidan Flight

Please pay attention that this tour itinerary is flexible specially in case of entrance and output gates ,they can be changed according to your request

  • Varzaneh

    The First day 

    After arrival Isfahan you will be transferred to Varzaneh, checked in hotel then at evening Night tour will be offered to enjoy of  beauty of desert, watching starry sky and camping . O/N Varzaneh


  • Koohrang

    The Second day 

    In morning you will be delivered to Koohrang .After passinf about 4 hours you will arrive Koohrang, in Chelgerd area. You will camp near nomad tent and have experience of nomad lifestyle. O/N Koohrang

    Nomad  photos :


  • Koohrang

    The Third day 

    Today you will visit of Sar Agha Seyed village near your camping area. Sar Agha Seyed is an extremely rural village, a few centuries old, located in the Zagros Mountain range. Its phenomenal step-like architecture is very similar to that seen in the more popular Masouleh Village.After visiting, you will back to Koohrang. O/N Koohrang


    Koohrang  photos :


  • Sepidan

    The Forth day

    After breakfast, you will move toward south of Iran, Sepidan in Fars province is your final destination. En- route Yasuj will be visited as a part of heaven . You will have a half day tour in Yasuj then move to Sepidan. O/N Sepidan

    Yasuj photos :


  • Sepidan

    The Fifth day: 

    You will spend your fifth day with Sepidan nomad and enjoying of their lifestyle, their local food and also folkloric music and dance of the area. At evening you will transfer to Shiraz to depart.

    Sepidan photos :