Nishapur is the second big city of Khorasan Razavi province which is located in Binalud Mountain which had founded during Sassanid dynasty as a capital in the 3rd century. Later on, this city became capital of Tahirid dynasty. Then, Nishapur had changed to Seljuq dynasty by Tughril in 1037. Nishapur was the only city which had been destroyed and rebuilt than other cities in the history. Also, Nishapur had an important role because it had linked Iranian plateau to central Asia on the Silk Road. So, it became an important town in Khorasan Razavi Province. But, Nishapur had lost its significance little by little when ceramic by Tahirid dynasty was formed as a trade and had exported to the west.

This city has lots of tourist attraction areas such as the tomb of the celebrities, natural areas, and pilgrimage sites which has created a special area inside of its culture and sophisticated people. It is important to say that the best souvenir of this city is turquoise.

Nishapur on map

You must see in Nishapur

Mausoleum of Omar Kaayam Mausoleum of Attar Nishaburi
Tomb of Kamal-ol-Molk Tomb of Haidar Yaghma
Tomb of Abu Sultan Said Maghribi Shrine of Mahruq and Ibrahim
Wooden mosque Jameh Mosque
Qadamgah Temple of Azarbazzin Mehr
Shah Abbasi Caravanserai Wildlife Museum
Wicked Museum of Omar Khayam Shahmir’s dome