Ahvaz as one of the big city is located in Khuzestan province. Ahvaz is in the Khuzestan’s grassland and its height from sea level is 12 meters. Karun’s length is about 590 meters which is full of water and has divided Ahvaz into two sections: the west section and the east one. Karun rises in the Zard-Kuh Mountain which is located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. Ahvaz area is about 8000 square kilometer which is considered as an economic pole because of its gas and oil. Also the existing of Ahvaz bridges is caused by tourist attractions. 9 bridges were built on Karun River that the oldest one is Pol-e Siah. Pol-e Sefid is the symbol of Ahvaz. Cable-stayed bridge has the highest waterfall in the Middle East.

Ahvaz on map

You must see in Ahvaz

Karun River Pol-e Sefid
Tabiat Bridge The Longest Middle East Artificial Waterfall
Ajam House Mapar House
Mapar House Sultan Masroup Church
Abdul Hamid Bazaar Moin-al-Tajar Building
Tomb of Ali bin Mahziar Contemporary Arts Museum
Falafel Samosa