Susa or Susiana means Inshushinak who was the goddess of Elamite whose duty was taking care of Shush as guardian. Also, he was the goddess of the world of dead people. This city is one of the oldest habitable one in the world which is located in the north-west of Khuzestan with the area of more than 5 square kilometers. Also, the distance from Shush to Tigris River is about 150 kilometers. Shawar, Dez, and Karkheh Rivers are situated within the city and a huge source for farmers. According to existing documents, Shush is one the most magnificent and important ancient cities of Iran and the world. The four main distinct of Susa are Akropole hill, Apadana hill, Pishevaran, and Shahi city.

Akropole castle is located at the highest point of the city. This castle is built by Dezful people. The bricks obtained from Darius palace and Choghazenbil with Cuneiform script.

Archaeological Castle was built by a French man with the name of Jacques de Morgan. They have used Apadana Palace and Choghazenbil’s bricks.

The statue of Napir Asu was found on the Akropole hill which is the most important ancient discoveries in the world.

Hammurabi’s law is one the oldest legal texts discovered by archaeologists which was found on Akropole hill.

Apadana Palace is the winter king palace which was built by Darius command in 515-520.


Shush on map

You must see in Shush

Akropole castle Shush Museum
The statue of Napir Asu Hammurabi’s law
Haft Tepe Museum Kingdom City
Shawar Palace Choghazenbil