Yazd is the first city adobe and the second historical city of the world, the kind that 1700 years ago the world’s first safe box was founded to the area of city Civilization.  Yazd province is among ancient and historical cities of Iran. The word of Yazd literally means holy and pure, appellation of the city is the Holy Land and the city of God.

Yazd province is located in the belt of arid and semi-arid northern hemisphere and an area of 129,678 square kilometers.  The city is known as “City of Wind”, “bride of the desert”, “Dar al-Alam” and “City Bike”.

As its handicrafts we can name Brocade , Duvet cover, shamad baafi, weaving carpet, Cashmere knitting, Mat weaving, Tiles made of seven colors, Mosaic tiles, Pottery and ceramics…

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Dolat abad Garden Amir chakhmaq complex
house-of-rasoulianHouse of Rasoulian Badgir
masoudi-reservoirMasoudi Reservoir Ab anbar
sheikh-ahmad-fahadan-mausoleumSheikh Ahmad Fahadan Mausoleum shah-tahmasb-mosqueShah Tahmasb Mosque of Yazd
Fortifications-of-YazdFire temple city-yazdHaj Yousef Reservoir
zargari-bazzarZargari Bazzar ziaiah-schoolZiaiah school
grand-mosque-of-yazdGrand Mosque of Yazd Iran-Shahr-SchoolIran Shahr School