Varzaneh city is located in the south of Isfahan within 105 kilometers distance and Gavkhuni Wetland within 30 kilometers. Because Varzaneh is near to the desert, its weather is hot and dry. This city includes two tissues: the new one which is located in the north of Zayanderud and the old one in the south of it. Most of Varzaneh sightseeing like the current historical places and handicrafts are easy to visit by hiking because the city is small. Because of less or no dust and no clouds in the sky in the summer, it is a good and ideal area for stargazing. People especially women’s wearing are different in Varzaneh rather than other places. Women wear White Chadors at this city. Also, their dialect is different. They speak in ancient Pahlavi Sasani dialect which is quite similar to the Zoroastrians dialect in Yazd.

Varzane on map

You must see in Varzaneh

Gavkhuni Wetland Ghurtan Citadel
Dovecote Safavi Bridge
Weaving Workshop Jameh mosque
Khara Desert Horn Harness Aside
Hogwarts Buttimar House