Mashhad is one of the pilgrimage cities of Iran which is located in the north-east. According to Naderi hill discovering, the history of living goes back to 5th millennium BC. Mashhad means to witness and martyrdom which takes from Imam Reza (the eighth Muslims Imam). Imam Reza shrine is the biggest mosque in the world which is 250 thousand square meters and as the second largest mosque in the capacity of five hundred thousand people. The Mashhad’s weather in summer is hot and dry, and in winter is cold and humid. This city is center of leather production. The tourist attractions of this city include Imam Reza shrine, Goharshad Mosque, Koohsangi Park, museum, Tomb of Ferdowsi, Tomb of Nadershah Afshar, Padideh Shandiz, and natural attractions like Padideh Shandiz, Torghabe, Zashk, Kang village, Noqondar, Jagharq. Also recreational center like Vakil Abad Park, Vakil Abad zoo, Ortokand Falls, Qarshos Waterfall, Ardak Dam, HaftHoz, Cheshmeh Gilas, Grub fountain.

Historical places of Mashhad:

Tomb of Ferdowsi: It is located in a gorgeous garden within twenty kilometers to the north of Mashhad. The current Ferdowsi building and Tous Museum inspire from Achaemenid architecture especially the great Cyrus.

Tomb of Nader Shah: The tomb of Nader Shah was built by his own command. This tomb was built in front of Imam Reza Shrine. Then his bones were transferred to there from Tehran. His tomb is located in North West of Shohada intersection after Imam Reza Shrine which is the most important historical place.

Water lands: Mashhad has the best situations and places for exercises and entertainment that includes Iranian Water Park; water waves lands, Aftab Shore Park, Mojhaye Khorushan Water Park. It is important to say that these water parks are open throughout the year because they are indoors.


HaftHoz Natural Park   

Vakil Abad Park

 Mashhad Botanical Garden

Vakil Abad Zoo

Golestan Band

Moghan Cave

Kardeh Dam

Melli Garden

Bagh Khouni

Reza Bazaar

Malek historical house

Mashhad Rug

Mashhad rug is nearly five centuries old. One of the oldest of Mashhad rug is a prayer rug which was given by Shah Tahmasp to Suleiman the Magnificent in 1556 AD as a gift.

Mashhad on map


About 15 museums are working around the city of Mashhad. museum’s collection Or Astan Quds Razavi‘s treasures is one of the largest museums in the country and has ten separate museum, Toos Museum located in Kohanshahr next to the Tomb of Ferdowsi, Naderi museum located in the Naderi garden next to the tomb of Nader Shah Afshar, water Museum, Science Museum and Khorasan natural history Museum are among the museums of Mashhad

Celebrities :


He is famous among Iranian culture .His real name is Mahmoud al-Khwarizmi fight. He was a mystic brave hero who was involved in the arts, literature and poetry .

Sheykhol Raeis Aboo Ali Sina

Born in Afshaneh Bukhara. Scientist in the world of logic, geometry, astronomy, medicine and natural science and metaphysics, music, mathematics and philosophy. His writings can be noted as healing, law, reference, Alaei encyclopedia .