The historical town of Shushtar was called as Adamdun in the past. Also, in Achaemenian time, this city’s name was Šurkutir and later on, it was changed to Susa and Shushtar. It is important to say that Shushtar is very popular for its historical hydraulic system which refers to Sassanid era and is a small town with special tissue and fabulous architecture which is located in the north of Khuzestan province and the North-west of Iran with an area of 2436 square kilometers. The height of this ancient city from sea level is 150 meters and the height of Shushtar’s center from sea level is 65 meters. Both rivers of Karun and Dez pass this city and it is the most important reason that Shushtar has the special situation in pedogenesis. In the winter and springtime, its climate is the Mediterranean. At the end of winter to the beginning of spring, its ecosystem is unbelievably green. Salasel Castel is one of the most important historical sites in Shushtar province which refers to the Achaemenid era.

Shushtar on map

You must see in Shushtar

Salasel Castel Amin Zadeh House
Chahartaq Mostofi house and museum
Lashkar Bridge Darioon Creek
Kolah Farangi Tower historical hydraulic system