Food in Iran

One of the most remarkable elements of every culture is related to culinary world. Food, beverage and some local mixed of nutrition. Fill a great space of a journey and passengers with trying new taste of meal, will experience a new culture .Iran refers to its various nations and different climate conditions which it has ,is the country of diversity, Especially in food section. You can find a vast rang of ingredients which are very delicious in each part of the country .the main feature of Iranian food is its toothsome and tasty .below some of popular Persian meals are introduced with a brief recipes and history relevant.

Iranian cuisine

Kebab: it is very famous food all over the country as it is in the other neighbor’s countries .its main ingredients is meat which it is mixed by some spices then cooked over the fire.

Chicken-kebab (chicken barbeque): In this delicious food, meat the main ingredient of kebab is replaced with chicken and other steps of cooking are similar.

Khoresht-e Fesenjan: this meal has magic taste which is very delicious among friengery; walnut is its main part of food which is mixed with pomegranate sauce and chicken (in northern part of Iran chicken is replaced by duck)

Some other Khoresht are available in Iranian daily diet such as Ghorme-e sabzi and Qeimeh that are several with cooked rice

Beryan: this meal is a very rich and delicious traditional local food of Isfahan which is quite oily.

Kufteh Tabrizi: this meal is very famous in Iran, it originates in Tabriz .the main ingredients are beef and rice .the texture is light and moist.

Ghalieh mahi (fish stew): is a famous and spicy stew recipe from southern province of Iran (Khuzestan province) and is a delicious and nutritious fish stew recipe. Fish cooks with herbs, garlic, and tamarind paste that are commonly served with rice.

Mirza Ghasemi: this meal is a dish from north of Iran, Gilan province in the Caspian Sea area and is a delicious vegetarian food. The eggplants are grille over hot coals until the skin is charred then mix with egg and tomato and add spices. Served this wonderful Shomali (form the north of Iran) vegetarian meal with Sangak or Lavash which are Persian flat breads.

Khoresht mast (beef yogurt): (Khoresht: stew, Mast: yogurt). One of the authentic and traditional cuisines of the Isfahan .beef neck mixed by yogurt, saffron, onion, egg yolk and sugar. Its taste is sweet and very delicious.

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