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Tourists who enter Iran from other countries need a permit or a visa to enter. Just like the visa of other countries, Iran visa also has its own rules. Those who plan to travel to our country for the purpose of tourism, in addition to purchasing tickets and hotel reservations on lovely Persia, they can also receive Iran visa services from us. To get familiar with the process of applying for an Iran visa, read more.

Visa’s law refers to the policy of the majority of citizens of foreign countries who will need a visa to enter and stay in the country; it may take several months for visitors including U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen passport holders. Despite of on arrival visa which Iran government provided for the ease of entrance for foreign tourists, below nationals can enter and stay during a specified period in Iran without needing a Visa and only by having a valid passport.

NOTE: Arrival from one of the airports : Tehran International Airport (IKA), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ) and Isfahan International Airport (IFN)


Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia (14 days), Egypt (20 days), Armenia, Turkey, Tunisia (90 days, within 6 months), China(21 days), Russia(15 days, stay must not exceed 90 days within 180 days) Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Croatia, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mauritania , Tanzania , Maurice , Seychelle , Brunei Darussalam, Singapore , Cambodia , Vietnam, Peru, Cuba , Mexico , Bahrain (15 days, within 6 months), Vietnam, Venezuela, Zimbabwe (15 days), Georgia(45 days), Lebanon(30 days),Syria, Oman(90 days, within 6 months)

According to this, citizens in top lines will be able to stay in Iran without needing a visa. To stay longer than this period they must apply for a visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives.

Types of Iran visas in terms of type of issuance foreign nationals can apply for an Iranian tourist visa in three ways, which are:

Attending the embassy:

All types of visas defined by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran can be applied for through the online visa application portal. Notwithstanding, some types of visas for the citizens of some countries should be applied for only in person through the relevant Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Citizens of some countries are required to attend the Iranian embassy and fill out the relevant form to obtain an Iranian visa. After going to the embassy, ​​the necessary documents will be presented and the procedures for issuing an Iranian visa will be followed. If the documents are complete and after waiting, the Iran visa will be sent by mail.

(Evisa) Iran electronic visa:

Ministry of foreign affairs on September 23, 2018, has proclaimed that issuing E-visa plane (with no sticker attachment in the passport) is started in Iranian embassies and consulates all over the world and Iran International Airport. There is no need to visit the embassy in person to receive this type of visa. All you must do is go to the embassy’s website )  and upload the visa application form for Iran along with scanning the required documents. After presenting the mentioned documents, you will receive or get the authorization code. You must present the above items with visa stamp fee to the Iran embassy or in Iran International Airport. All airlines fulfilled Tehran International Airport (IKA), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ) and Isfahan International Airport (IFN).

  To have complete information, make a phone call to lovely Persia or leave it up to us.

Iran airport visa:

Citizens of some countries of the world can get Iran visa at the airport. This type of visa is issued to speed up the visa process and boost the tourism industry. Of course, the issuance of this type of visa also has its own conditions and rules, which are affected by the relations between the two countries. In general, this type of Iran visa is issued at the international airports of our country and is presented to the applicant in the form of a pdf file or a printed version.

The terms and conditions of getting Iran tourist visa are as follows:

The validity of passport should be at least 6 months beyond your actual travel date.

There is no official authority for Israeli passport, In the case of existing Israeli stamp in the traveler’s passport, at least one year after that can attempt for Iran tourist visa.

Iran visa Validation.

The terms of Issuing Iran E-visa without sticker:

The type of this visa includes Business, family, medical, pilgrimage, and tourist.

Visa must be single entry.

Visa sticker is affording on a piece of A4-sized paper.

Both exit and entry stamps are set in this paper.

The following nationalities must have the visa sticker in their passports: America, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, England, Jordan, Pakistan, and Somali.

Travel to Iran as an U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen

U.S, U.K, or Canadian Citizen can travel to Iran legally only with some different regulations from other national citizens. The process of applying for Iran visa is slightly different for the named citizens than other nationalities.First thing to do for citizens of the three countries is to apply for their Iran visa 2-3 months before their trip.  But before that, they must obtain a travel authorization number from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign affair (MFA). For obtaining the number an itinerary from an Iranian travel agency is needed.

Once you have the number you can apply for your Iran visa and you can choose which consulate or embassy you wish to pick up your visa form.if you would like to pay a little less for the travel, you can book a tour with a bigger group that will be cheaper and more people will accompany you during your Iran travel.With any case you are traveling with you will be warmly be welcomed by the Iranian officers at the gate.The only occasion in which your admission to Iran will be denied is if you have Israel visa or stamp in your passport.

How long it will take for Iran visa to be issued?

Iran Visa Application Form

The process takes different based on your nationality; normally it will take between 5 to 10 working days.

You will then apply for the visa and take to the Iranian embassy or consulate designated on your Iran visa authorization form and the Iranian embassy or consulate will put the visa into your passport and return it to you.

For applying Iran visa the following general steps are required:

Passport with at least 6 months validity

Personal photo (6×4, white background)

Fill out the application form.

Maximum size 10MB

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