The History of Shiraz:

Shiraz is the capital of Fars province, is located on a broad plain With an Average, 15 km wide and 120 km long. Primary basis of the town were made under Umavid rulers in the year 74 AH. The city includes the mansion and several mosques and a market. The city had its normal development, from this date until Safarrid era (261 to 287 AD). A new era of transformation and development of the city began with the safarrid era (261 to 287 AD). At this time, Atiq Mosque, the first mosque of the city, was built.

Shiraz had rightful place and dignity in the Safavid era .Iran spent a history of ups and downs in zand era.Karim Khan Zand era was one of the best and most peaceful eras, he was appointed for 13 years thanks to the development of this city.Zandieh valuable collection includes: Arg-e karimkhan, bazzar, mosque, vakil cistern

Shiraz on map

You must see in Shiraz

takht-e jamshid Takht-e rostm
Quran portal Vakil bazaar
Saadi’s tomb Hafez’s tomb
Eram garden Pasargad


Achaemenid Museum Sassanid museum (Bishapour)
Karim khan-e zand museum