Dress code

Cover and specific dress code is always a questionable and confusing challenge for tourists who traveling to Muslim countries. But the rules are not very strict for tourists and they will be kindly noticed if forget or violation these rules .

Women should be worn to the ankle, arm and legs should be covered and the use of sandals and open shoes is also OK.  While women have their bodies covered with shirts, jackets or clothing such as sweatshirts, wearing tight jeans is also OK,  Wearing T-shirts for men is okay but shorts are not permitted in public places.

In general, tourists are advised to dress conservatively when traveling to the Middle East …However, women coverage is not limited and it is not limited only to the tent with a simple search on the Internet you can find the acceptable style coverage in Iran

Many tourists visiting Iran will be surprised by Iranian women of colorful coverage .And this picture is completely different from the pre-built image of color restrictions in Iran .The saying of usage of dark colors is absolutely a fiction; there is absolutely no limit to the ladies and gentlemen for using colors, As for the head coverage if you are not attracted by scarves presented at international airport you can use summer shawls can instead of scarves. In most cases when we see a foreign tourists in Iran it seems that they have brought their unpleasant clothes to Iran.

In many of their writings about the journey this dissatisfaction and lack of attractiveness has been referred to ,here we give some suggestions about how young and middle-aged tourists can wear clothes to not look like grandmothers and not to face problems


limitation of the use of bright colors subject which has been mentioned in many travel guides is not true and completely meaningless. While tending dark colors is very high among the Iranians ,but this interest changes toward bright colors in summer like many countries worldwide . So if you wear colorful cloths in your country there is no need to forget that when coming on a trip to Iran .

Tunics and long sleeves is your best friend.

If you intend to look as beautiful as in your country and still save the dress code rules of Iran  , It is best to carefully search for your wardrobe before traveling to bring your long-sleeved shirts and jerseys with you. Tonic is the best choice for summer trips and even combine a variety of shorter tonics with loose pants is absolutely no obstacle, The combination of a one-piece dress with jeans also will have a similarity to what you wear in your own country. A little creativity is the key to your success, because apart from some clothes right for Iran the rest is much of  Western design and there is not much difference

Widen your Shawls and scarves collection

In recent years shawls and scarves has been seen around the world and has become a style. And also foreigners usually have one or more of them in their wardrobe. But buying shawls and scarves from Iran due to the high variability and reasonable price is a good idea And after finishing the trip to Iran they are quite usable as ascot or something like that .

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