Iran sandy tour package 8nights

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Iran sandy tour package

Our desert tours offer a variety of experiencing on desert ambiance according to your needs like as camel riding, safari, watching stars at night, visiting desert cities, groves, mineral water spring and some of the historical monuments started in Isfahan and will be ended in Shiraz the city known as the poets and literature. Imagine yourself on top of a camel while you trekking through a desert you can see a dramatic sunrise and you can hear the footsteps of a camel on the soft sand because there is nothing around you except silence. In silence, you can experience another side of variety in this tour safari. At night the sky is so clear and covers with millions of bright stars. This tour can be operated just in September until June although another month it does not be suggested because the weather is too hot but we can arrange if you want.


2. Hotel accommodation
3. Breakfast
4. Entrance fee all mentioned sightseeing
5. Insurance
6. Airport transfer
7. Transportation (between cities)
8. English speaking guide(Germany,French,Italian,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese are included)

1. lunch
2. dinner
3. tips
4. portage
5. International airfare
  • 2 nights Isfahan
  • 2 nights Mesr
  • 2 nights Yazd
  • 2 nights shiraz

This tour can be operated just on September until June although in other month it’s not be suggested because the weather is too hot but we can arrange if you want.


  • Isfahan

    The First day 

    Mid-morning arrive Isfahan city, upon arrival, welcome and brief presentation by our local tour guide. Before check in at the hotel, you will have lunch at the Persian restaurant. In the evening visit historical bridges like as Sio-se-Pol Bridge and Khajuo Bridge.

  • Isfahan

    The Second day 

    This is your Full-day city tour in Isfahan to know more about Iranian lifestyle. After breakfast, the day is spent exploring the unique square in the world Naghsh-e Jahan square or design of the world square, the most brilliant jewel on the ring of architecture and urban design of the Safavid epoch. There is a visit to Ali Qapu palace the beating heart of administration and the highest building in the cardinal point of the capital, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque the pinnacle jewel of Iranian architecture masterpieces, it shows actually the zenith of Shi'a movement, accelerated during the reign of Safavid dynasty, Abbasi jam-e mosque on the southern side of the square is a vast origin of the Islamic architecture clad by a turquoise glaze and Qeisarieh portal the main portal of the royal bazaar. You can purchase valuable supplies at the bazaar. The bazaar covers a considerably large area. After lunch at the Iranian and traditional restaurant, you will visit the most brilliant chandelier at the hall of the Safavid architecture era. In the center of Isfahan, one enters a heavenly garden with five hectares area through the eastern gate. In the middle of the garden, there is Chehel Sotoon as one of the three important exciting palaces of the Safavid era. Overnight Isfahan

    Isfahan photos :

    You can see in Isfahan :

    Naghsh-e Jahan square Ali Qapu palace
    Abbasi jam-e mosque Qeisarieh
    Sheikh Lotfollah mosque Chehel sotoon palace

  • varzaneh

    The Third day 

    After breakfast, you’ll drive out of the city to varzaneh desert. Varzaneh is a city of Isfahan in central Iran and is located near the ʻʻBatlaghe-e-Gavkhuniʼʼ (Gavkhuni swamp) and is one of the historical cities of Isfahan province in terms of the history of ancient, has the very rich treasure.

    Varzaneh old bridge, Jame-e mosque, caravanserai and old wind towers, multiple Ab Anbar (cistern), towers and dovecotes, castles and traces of water are considered the historic buildings in the city. Along the way, you will visit the ʻʻGhale-e Ghurtan’’ (Ghurtan castle). That is the first historic castle alive and second historic and vast castle of Iran after Bam citadel in Kerman city Which covers an area of 45 hectares and it is located in the 12 km West of Varzaneh and in the city of Isfahan. Then you will visit ‘ʻGav Chah’’ revive the tradition of old irrigation. The rest of the day is spent in the desert sand where you can go camel riding and safari. In the afternoon assemble and depart to Mesr desert. On the way, you will have a shortstop to rest and dinner at Anarak caravansary where related to Qajar era about 200 hundred years ago. Continue journey to Mesr (Egypt) desert when arriving at night you will welcome by traditional Iranian custom. Overnight at Mesr desert

    Varzaneh photos :

    You can see in third day :

    Ghale-e Ghurtan Gav Chah
    varzaneh desert Anarak caravansary

  • Mesr

    The Forth day 

    After breakfast, you will go to ʻʻGarmeh’’ village is located in Iran’s central desert and dates back to several thousand years ago (about 6000 years) you will have the opportunity to visit very beautiful groves, then wetland that emerged as a result of flow’s groundwater and is surrounded by tall palms and the mineral water spring which the water is crystal clear that has healthy benefits. Lunch will be served in a desert hotel. In the early afternoon, you will depart to Mesr village crossing from different features of deserts where afternoon proceed to safari and camel riding so you will ride your camel across the dunes and safari on a sand hill. At sunset enjoy one of the most pleasant sunsets over the sands. You will have dinner with a wide variety of salads, main course, barbecue meals and deserts next to the campfire, under the stars. Overnight at your desert accommodation

    Garmeh village and Mesr desert  photos :

    You can see in forth day :

    Garmeh village  mineral water spring
    camel riding safari

  • Yazd

    The Fifth day

    Early in the morning, your accommodation hosts will wake you up sooner than another day to watch the sunrise if you wish. After breakfast, you will go toward Yazd city. The roads take us to another side of a desert with the varying scenery. You will cross through mountain and deserts to reach Bayazeh village where the Bayazeh Castle which is located with thousand years antiquity. After lunch, you will continue your way to Yazd city. This city is famous for having too many Wind-catchers (Badgirs). The Wind-catchers were an ancient form of air condition in a different season. You will be arriving Yazd late in the afternoon that you will visit Dolat Abad garden. You will have dinner at your hotel in Yazd. Overnight Yazd

    Yazd photos :

    You can see in Yazd :

    Bayazeh castle Dolat abad garden

  • Yazd

    The Sixth day: 

    Today in the morning after breakfast, begin your tour of the fascinating city of Yazd. This city is famous for having too many Wind-catchers (Badgirs). The Wind-catchers were an ancient form of air condition in the different season. Then, you will visit Yazd Amir chakhmagh complex, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Shish Badgiri Ab Anbar (the cistern which has six wind catcher). After lunch, you will visit the Tower of silence. Overnight Yazd

    Yazd photos :

     You can see in Yazd :

    Amir chakhmagh complex Zoroastrian Fire Temple
    Shish Badgiri Ab anbar Tower of silence

  • Shiraz

    The Seventh day: 

    In the morning after breakfast, leave Yazd and depart to Shiraz. On the way, you will visit the most spectacular attractions in Iran. For half of the day, you will visit Pasargad and Persepolis. Pasargad World Heritage collection is a set of ancient structures in the city during the Achaemenid dynasty. There is a great viewpoint where you can look over the site and the surrounding area. This set is the fifth set registered in the World Heritage List in Iran.

    Persepolis, also known as ‘Takht-e-Jamshid’ was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. In this ancient city, there is a palace named Takht-e-Jamshid that was built during the reign of Darius, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes I was built for about 200 years. This location has been recorded one of Iran's UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Then keep going toward Shiraz, overnight Shiraz.

    Shiraz photos :

    You can see in Shiraz:

    Pasargad Perspolis

  • Shiraz

    The Eighth day: 

    This is your Full-day city tour in Shiraz that is one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia and center of the arts. At first, you will visit Eram garden. Then, you will lunch at the restaurant and after that see Qavam house that is a traditional and historical house in Shiraz. In the evening, you will visit the Tomb of Hafez and Tomb of Saadi. Tomb of Hafez is famous due to containing in his collection. Hafez was Iranian's great poet of the eighth century (the fourteenth century AD) and one of the world's famous poets. You will visit the Tomb of Saadi. He is a well-known Iranian poet and writer. His reputation is catchy and strong for prose and poetry more melodious. The literary position is so strong that he became a professor of speech, the king spoke, even absolutely called him a master. Overnight in Shiraz

    Shiraz photos :

    You can see in Shiraz :

    Eram garden Qavam house
    Tomb of Hafez Tomb of Saadi

  • Flightblog-2

    The Ninth day: 

    Today, you will check out and have half day tour. You will visit Karim Khani Citadel which is located in the center of the city. The Citadel was built during the reign of Zand dynasty, and after Karim Khan Zand introduce Shiraz as its capital and chose this place as his living, to be known as Karim Khani Citadel. Citadel was used as a prison during the reign of the Pahlavi dynasty and was damaged. Then, you have explored in Vakil Bazaar that is one of the most traditional and historical markets. After that, you will prepare for the flight and will be transferred to the airport.

    Shiraz photos :

    You can see in Shiraz :

    Karim Khani Citadel Vakil Bazaar







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