Iran Clergy Tour (12 nights)

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Iran Clergy Tour (12 nights)

Iran pilgrimage tour covers 12 nights and 13 days, it begins from Mashhad, Iran pilgrimage‘s hub, known as a place of religious pilgrimage and will be ended in Qom a holy place where the Fatima Masoumeh shrine is located and traditionally was accommodation for the most prominent Shia clergymen. Explore the roots of your faith on this uplifting tour through Iran where you’ll visit most spectacular holy place in Iran and in addition to visiting holy places you will visit Isfahan a city known as a tiny earthly paradise.


1. Visa
2. Hotel accommodation
3. Breakfast
4. Entrance fee all mentioned sightseeing
5. Insurance
6. Airport transfer
7. Transportation (between cities and domestic flight)
8. English speaking guide(Germany,French,Italian,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese are included)

1. lunch
2. dinner
3. tips
4. portage
5. International airfare
  • 7 nights Mashhad
  • 2 nights Isfahan
  • 3 nights Qom

This tour can be operated in all season .


  • Mashhad

    The First day

    Welcome to Mashhad! Arrival will be at Shahid Hashemi Nejad international airport in Mashhad. Meet your Tour Director and fellow travelers. After the introduction, your tour director will review the details of the tour. Check into your hotel. Then the rest of the day is free to explore on your own. Later this evening, a welcome dinner waits at your hotel. Overnight Mashhad

  • Mashhad

    The Second day

    In the morning after breakfast, prepare for your upcoming spiritual journey. You will transfer to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of twelve Shiites’ where is one of the most touristy places of Iran. After that, visit covered grand Bazaar-e- Reza, this shopping center has a variety of souvenirs and necessities for pilgrims. Overnight in Mashhad

    Mashhad photos :

    You can see in Mashhad :

    Shrine of Imam Reza Bazaar-e- Reza

  • Mashhad

    The Third day 

    Today you have full day visit sightseeing such as Naderi museum, a collection of part of trophies gained by Nader Shah who was one of the most powerful Iranian rulers in the history of Iran, Goharshad mosque that was built by the order of Goharshad Begum, the wife of Shahrokh, in Timurid dynasty. Afterward, drive to Shandiz a city near Mashhad. Shandiz has unique features like probe villages which along with soaring trees and wildflower. Shandiz temperature climate and rivers come from the northern slopes of Binaloud Mountain. You will have lunch there. After lunch, you will come back to the hotel and rest. In the evening pilgrimage to Imam Reza holy shrine again. Overnight Mashhad

    Mashhad photos :

     You can see in Mashhad :

    Naderi museum Goharshad mosque
    Shandiz Imam Reza holy shrine

  • Mashhad

    The Forth day 

    Today you have free time In Mashhad. Overnight Mashhad

  • Mashhad

    The Fifth day

    Today after breakfast, you will go to Tous for an excursion. Then visit the Tomb of Hakim Abu ʾl-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi the great Iranian epic poet’s. After lunch, in the afternoon you will go to Mashhad for rest. In the evening you will visit the holy Shrine of Imam Reza again. Overnight in Mashhad

    Mashhad photos :

    You can see in Mashhad :

    Tomb of Ferdowsi Tusi Shrine of Imam Reza

  • Mashhad

    The Sixth day: 

    In the morning after breakfast, you have a visit to Kuhsangi which is an old park in Mashhad. Kuhsangi Park with temperate climate is opened to pilgrims and tourists. Natural landscape, air conditioning, several restaurants, pool, shopping centers, sports centers, recreation make Kuhsangi park the beautiful resort that attracts a plethora of passengers. After lunch and spend leisure at Kuhsangi Park you will visit Malek Abad palace which was built after the Islamic revolution. Types of works in the museum are exquisite objects, precious carpets, paintings and porcelain then back to the hotel. Overnight Mashhad

    Mashhad photos :

    You can see in Mashhad :

    Kuhsangi park Malek abad palace

  • Mashhad

    The Seventh day: 

    On the seventh day, you have free time for yourself. Overnight Mashhad

  • Isfahan

    The Eighth day: 

    After breakfast, you will have a flight to Isfahan. In the evening, you will explore historical bridges which tow of the most famous Isfahan’s bridges are Si-O-Se Pol Bridge and Khajou Bridge. The first one is the axial element of physical and cultural connection. This historical bridge which dates back to 1591-1597AD is 295 meters long and 147 meters wide. It is the longest hydraulic structure over the Zayandeh rood and all over Iran. The second one is the multi-functional hydraulic structure. Then, you back to the hotel. Overnight Isfahan

    Isfahan photos

    You can see in Isfahan:

    Si-O-Se pol bridge Khajou Bridge

  • Isfahan

    The Ninth day: 

    After breakfast, the day is spent exploring the unique square in the world Naghsh-e Jahan square or design of the world square, the most brilliant jewel on the ring of architecture and urban design of the Safavid epoch. There is a visit at Ali Qapu palace the beating heart of administration and the highest building in the cardinal point of the capital, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque the pinnacle jewel of Iranian architecture masterpieces, it shows actually the zenith of Shi'a movement, accelerated during the reign of Safavid dynasty, Abbasi jam-e mosque on the southern side of square is a vast origin of the Islamic architecture clad by a turquoise glaze and Qeisarieh portal the main portal of the royal bazaar. You can purchase valuable supplies at the bazaar. The bazaar covers a considerably large area. After lunch at the Iranian and traditional restaurant, you will visit the most brilliant chandelier at the hall of the Safavid architecture era. In the center of Isfahan, one enters a heavenly garden with five hectares area through the eastern gate. In the middle of the garden, there is Chehel Sotoon as one of the three important exciting palaces of the Safavid era. After visiting this palace, you will transfer to the hotel. Overnight Isfahan

    Isfahan photos :

    You can see in Isfahan :

    Naghsh-e Jahan square Ali Qapu palace Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
    Abbasi jam-e mosque Qeisarieh Chehel sotoon palace

  • Kashan

    The Tenth day 

    You will check out the hotel and transferred to Kashan after visiting some tourist attractions in Kashan such as Borujerdis House, Fin garden and Teppe Sialk (Sialk hill) that is a large ancient archeological site that made of clay. You will have lunch at the traditional restaurant. Then you will set off for Qom. Arrival and overnight will be at the hotel.

    Kashan photos :

    You can see in Kashan :

    Boroujerdis house Fin garden Sialk teppe

  • Qom

    The Eleventh day 

    Attend mass this morning at Fatima-Masoumeh shrine the girl of Musa al –Kadhim who was the seventh Shiite Imam after his father Ja’far al-Sadiq. After lunch, you will visit Feyziyeh School which is an old school in Iran which was founded in the Safavid era near Fatima-Masoumeh shrine. Overnight Qom

    Qom photos:

    You can see in Qom:

    Fatima-Masoumeh shrine Feyziyeh school

  • Qom

    The Twelfth day 

    Today you have free time In Qom. Overnight Qom

  • Imam khomeini airport

    The Thirteenth day 

    In the morning after breakfast, you will move to Imam Khomeini’s shrine who was the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Imam’s burial place is famously cited as the holy shrine in Iran and is built in the southern tip of Tehran and near the Martyrs’ graves in the Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery. In fact, this collection is considered a large and unique construction. After that, you will prepare for the flight and will be transferred to the airport.

    Imam Khomeini’s shrine photos:

    You can see in Tehran:

    Imam Khomeini’s shrine


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