An Amazing Tour of Scuba Diving in Persian Gulf

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An Amazing Tour of Scuba Diving in Persian Gulf

Kish Island(Persian Gulf’s diamond):

The oval-shaped island with an area of almost ninety kilometers is located in the south-west of Bandar Abbas, in azure blue water of Persian Gulf Kish Island. In terms of the natural environment, Kish Island is one of the most pristine areas in the Persian Gulf. It can be said, coral reefs on eastern Kish Island are considered as the richest and most beautiful and favorable areas of diving sites in our country. Coral cover of the island is located on the east coast where will be visited by diving enthusiastically every year. Kish diving is possible all year round and shallow sites of the island are very convenient for diving all individuals and even beginners persons. There is also training centers and recreational scuba diving in Kish Island which turn into a diving hub in the country.

Follow us pay the introduction of appropriate sites and dive the island’s coral:

Site name: Big coral and Jurassic Park

It is a shallow area with numerous fish and corals. Shallow depth for this site is very useful and be excited for beginners divers.

Site depth: 4- 12 meter

Site location: east of Kish Island

Site name: zoo beach

A beautiful shallow will reef site. This site is also a very beautiful place for beginners’ divers to enjoy the beauty of diving.

Site depth: 4-6 meter

Site location: east of the island

Site name: southern crack

An exciting long coral crack where a lot of fishes are living between this cracks. The flow of water in this area is very tangible. Used for professional scuba divers.

Site depth: 10-14 meters

Site location: south of the island

Site name: Greek ship

This area is located on the west coast of the Greek ship, cracks and beautiful walls. The most are used for professional scuba divers who have a certificate. This is sometimes seen turtle and stingray.

Site depth: 8- 14 meter

Site location: south-west of the island

Site name: sambarun

This site is a coral shallow (bank) area where surrounding water’s deep is about sixty meter. This site is a pristine area with very beautiful and unique fish and corals. In case of favorable weather conditions and access to the point, you can enjoy the most beautiful moments of diving in the Persian Gulf.

Site depth: 12 -16 meter

Site location: west of island between Kish and Hendorabi islands

Site name: Dama ship

This site is a Dama shipwreck at a depth of 32 meters from the sea. The ship sank about seven years ago and is home for beautiful fish Persian Gulf. Professional scuba divers can dive at Dama ship site.

Site depth: 18- 33 meter

Site location: south-east of Kish Island

Iran scuba diving is a great opportunity to visit the different parts of the Persian Gulf and experience to seeing various fishes and corals in the Persian Gulf. This tour considered for beginners and even people who can’t swim. According to the listed site above two sites are suitable for scuba diving for the amateur. It should be noted this itinerary can be changed and you can offer another more route and also increase travel time.

1. Visa
2. Hotel accommodation
3. Breakfast
4. Entrance fee all mentioned sightseeing
5. Insurance
6. Airport transfer
7. Transportation (flight between Isfahan and Kish)
8. English speaking guide(Germany,French,Italian,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese are included)

1. lunch
2. dinner
3. tips
4. portage
5. International airfare
  • 2 nights Isfahan
  • 3 nights Kish

This tour can be operated in all season.


  • Isfahan

    The First day

    Your arrival is at Isfahan. Then, you will transfer to the hotel. Today, you are free. You can explore Isfahan. Overnight Isfahan

  • Isfahan

    The Second day

    This is your Full-day city tour in Isfahan to know more about Iranian lifestyle, after breakfast, the day is spent exploring the unique square in the world Naghsh-e Jahan square or design of the world square, the most brilliant jewel on the ring of architecture and urban design of the Safavid epoch. There is a visit to Ali Qapu palace the beating heart of administration and the highest building in the cardinal point of the capital, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque the pinnacle jewel of Iranian architecture masterpieces, it shows actually the zenith of Shi'a movement, accelerated during the reign of Safavid dynasty, Abbasi jam-e mosque on the southern side of the square is a vast origin of the Islamic architecture clad by a turquoise glaze and Qeisarieh portal the main portal of the royal bazaar. You can purchase valuable supplies at the bazaar. The bazaar covers a considerably large area. After lunch at the Iranian and traditional restaurant, you will visit the most brilliant chandelier at the hall of the Safavid architecture era. In the center of Isfahan, one enters a heavenly garden with five hectares area through the eastern gate. In the middle of the garden, there is Chehel Sotoon as one of the three important exciting palaces of the Safavid era. Overnight Isfahan

    You can see in Isfahan:

    Naghsh-e Jahan square Ali Qapu palace Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
    Abbasi jam-e mosque Qeisarieh Chehel sotoon palace

  • Kish

    The Third day

    In the morning, you have a flight to Kish. After checking in the hotel and having lunch, you will visit island sightseeing. Kariz Will be your next plan which is the underground city, the Kariz of Kish have been built about 2500 years ago. This structure was built to collect, purify, and store water for the inhabitants of the island. As the island is situated in a region with an arid climate, this was essential for their survival. Today it has been transformed into an amazing underground city, Greek ship that is a ship Sitting in the shallow waters off the coast of Iran’s Kish Island is the ghostly husk of a dead steamship that has not left its spot since 1966, and probably isn’t leaving any time soon. Portions of the ship are falling apart, and the whole thing is a rusting wreck. Overnight Kish

    You can see in kish island:

    Kariz Greek ship

  • Kish

    The Forth day

    On the fourth day, you will have full day scuba-diving tour, you'll get on boats for a diving center and you'll move toward Zoo-beach and Big-coral sites which are suitable for amateur divers. In the case of these sites has been described above. Come back to the hotel. Overnight Kish

  • Kish

    The Fifth day

    In the morning, water games in Persian Gulf's coast are waiting for us. Banana (the big banana tube that pulls by boat), jet-ski, shuttle, parcel, surfing (This fun exercise is for people who are already trained). If a person does not experience this sport can be trained by our coaches) are entertainment that can be done. For dinner, you will be a restaurant that has a live musical with delicious food. Overnight Kish

  • Flight

    The Sixth day

    The sixth day is the last day of this Adventure some journey. After having breakfast and checking out, you will be transferred to the Kish international airport for flight to Shiraz. If the flight time to home is in the afternoon until the night, you will be transferred to Shiraz international airport but if flight time is in the morning until you will stay one night in Shiraz and you will recognize Shiraz city tour.


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