Persian Gulf Paradises Expedition (7 nights)

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Persian Gulf Paradises Expedition

The Persian Gulf is a treasure has been calmed south of pars land. From a security point and strategic case, it is a pretty sensitive especially in Strait of Hormuz. Despite secure sensitivity, there are some unique islands which their exclusive conditions and stunning beauty are undeniable. In Persian Gulf Paradises Expedition tour, you have an opportunity to experience 7 nights and 8 days amazing trip to explore five unco islands; Kish, one of the most modern island; Qeshm, Iran natural Geopark; Hormuz, Rainbow Island; Hengam, natural aquarium; Hendorabi, the land of virginity. You will be flying from Isfahan (your entrance gate) to Kish Island and in return, Qeshm Island to Tehran will be another air path that you will be traveled.

2. Hotel accommodation
3. Breakfast
4. Entrance fee all mentioned sightseeing
5. Insurance
6. Airport transfer
7. Transportation (between cities and domestic flights)
8. English speaking guide(Germany,French,Italian,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese are included)

1. lunch
2. dinner
3. tips
4. portage
5. International airfare
  • 3 nights Kish
  • 1 nights Bandar abbas
  • 3 nights Qeshm

This tour can be operated in all season except in June until September because the weather is too hot but we can arrange if you want.


  • Isfahan

    The First day

    Your arrival is at Isfahan. You will be transferred to the hotel and check-in. This day you don’t have a special plan. You have a domestic flight to Kish Island which is a beautiful and touristic resort located on the northeast of the Persian Gulf. It has relaxed laws in comparison to the rest of Iran. It was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The New York Times in 2010. It is part of the Hormozgān Province of Iran. Owing to its free trade zone status, it is touted as a consumer's paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and resort hotels. Overnight Kish

    • Isfahan city tour is a depended program which is organized if your domestic flight to Kish Island is scheduled at night which consists of visiting Naghsh-e-Jahan square, Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh lotfollah Mosque, Abbasi Jame Mosque, Chehel sotoon Palace.

  • Kish Island

    The Second day

    After breakfast, a full day city tour will be started to do diving (Kish has one of the richest and beauties diving sites in Iran), parasailing and etc. After having lunch, you will visit Kariz which is the next plan. Kariz is the underground city. The Kariz of Kish has been built about 2500 years ago. This structure was built to collect, purify, and store water for the inhabitants of the island. As the island is situated in a region with an arid climate, this was essential for their survival. Today it has been transformed into an amazing underground city, Greek ship that is a ship Sitting in the shallow waters off the coast of Iran’s Kish Island is the ghostly husk of a dead steamship that has not left its spot since 1966, and probably isn’t leaving any time soon. Portions of the ship are falling apart, and the whole thing is a rusting wreck. But even as a wreck it remains a scenic piece of trash, worth a visit if you can. Then, you have to explore at Harireh ancient city, Harireh is an ancient 8th-century city located in what is now Kish, Iran Harireh Ancient City, based on the results of archaeological excavations carried out so far, consists of the aristocratic house, bath, mosque, and an ancient aqueduct. What remains of it today is a volume of urban architecture, but rarely will an arch, cover, or ceiling is seen intact, except for a few instances where arched stone ceilings have remained unharmed from the detriments of destruction. The Port of Harireh Ancient City was a concrete, well-knit city with extrovert architecture.  Overnight Kish

    Kish photos :

    You can see in Kish :

    Water rides Kariz
    Greek ship Harireh ancient city

  • Hendorabi

    The Third day 

    You will leave the hotel by the purpose of reaching Hendorabi Island which is environs of Kish zone, a flat land, and non-natural phenomena. This island has a beautiful sandy beach with visionary flagstones that is a perfect place to rest, swimming and sunbath. Hendorabi hydroid area is a very important homeland for any types of aquatic animals; also it’s really wonderful to have a journey in the protected area sea tortoises which come to the beach to flyblow. It is an adapted place to dive in the night. When you will return to Kish Island you can enjoy patrolling and shopping around the island. Overnight Kish

  • Bandar abbas

    The Forth day 

    After breakfast in the morning, you will move to the Charak port. After this, one-hour sea trip you will experience four hours road trip to Bandar Abbas, another port in Hormozgan Province which is also the capital of it. You will stay in Bandar Abbas for a night. Overnight Bandar Abbas

  • Hormuz

    The Fifth day

    In the morning, you will be transferred to Hormuz Island, the rainbow island of Iran which is located between Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. It is covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic material on its surface. Due to a lack of precipitation, the soil and water are salty. In Hormuz Island, you can spend your time to visit Portuguese Castle and colorful soil which is various from place to place. You can also see crimson mountains alongside salty mountains and golden watercourses that end to the sea. After visiting Hormuz, you will be transferred to Qeshm Island. Overnight Qeshm

    Hormuz photos :

  • QeshmHarra forest_Qeshm island

    The Sixth day: 

    Full day city tour is proper for the sixth day. Around the Qeshm Island which is an Iran Geopark. You can find Fallen Star Valley that People of the "Stars Valley" believe that once a huge star fell on their village and made the strange design of soil and stone and a shape there remained forever. The Stars Valley is known as one of the most beautiful geological manifestations in Qeshm Island. It has been created in Berkeh Khalaf Village gradually and through erosion. Then, you will visit Kharbas Cave; the ancient village of Kharbas is on Qeshm Island and located on the fork road of Qeshm –Dargahan. This ancient city is related to the Sassanian era and until the 4th century was a thriving city. The estimated length of this city is 7 km and sweet-water was utilized there. Hustling in the heights of this village are historical evidence revealing architectural effects in the rocks. Hara Forest is our next place for visiting which is a vast mangrove tree forest that depending on if it's high or low tide partially grows under water. Overnight Qeshm

    Qeshm photos :

     You can see in Qeshm :

    Star Valley Kharbas Cave Hara Forest

  • Hengam

    The Seventh day: 

    Hengam Island will be your special program for last day of the tour. Hengam Island is an Iranian island located south of Qeshm Island, Iran, in the Persian Gulf. Straight to Hengam, you can’t miss the fantastic scenery of Dolphins show around your boat, it is an alive aquarium. Then, the shine silver sandy beach certainly absorbed your attention. It’s an amazing coral coast. After arriving, you can enjoy of swing in the calm sea out of concern. Moreover, local women with traditional dress and food will be a normal attraction of the island that you can’t experience ever. Another subject in the Hengam which you shouldn’t miss it is Crocodile Park. Peace totally has correct meaning in this island because of you far from any urban fanfare. In the evening, you will return to Qeshm Island. Free time at night for rest and shopping on the island will be your plan for last night. Overnight Qeshm

    Hengam photos :

  • Flight

    The Eighth day: 

    In the morning you will transfer to airport and fly to Tehran. You can visit Tabiat Bridge during the afternoon. Then you will be transferred to the airport for departing.

    Tehran  photos:

    You can see in Tehran :

    Tabiat bridge


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