Wind Catchers Voyage

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Wind Catchers Voyage

If traveling in the footsteps of Silk Road explorers and merchants cannot be thrilling, what can?

For centuries, adventurous and innovative merchants from across the globe enabled and flourished international trade from the most remote corners of Asia and Africa to almost every town and city in Europe through Persia – the heart of the Middle East. From exotic herbs, perfume, medicine, textile, wood, artifacts and oil to poems, stories and religious relics.

Get ready to experience a bit of it – right where it happened!

Group size: 5 Price per person: €870 Single room supplement: €270
Group size: 10 Price per person: €740 Single room supplement: €270


  • Local individual insurance
  • All local transportations (including airport transportation)
  • English speaking tourist guide
  • Brief travel information print-out and map in English language
  • Accommodation at 4 and/or 5 star hotels at various locations
  • Accommodation in double room
  • All entrance fees to museums and tourist attractions
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome lunch/dinner and farewell lunch/dinner
  • Lunch during the first day in Isfahan
  • Light lunch during Pasargad excursion
  • Mineral water during all excursions
  • The activities on “Day 1” may slightly vary depending on your arrival time.
  • The visa-on-arrival fee varies depending on the visitor’s nationality.
  • The average visa-on-arrival fee is €80 (eighty Euro), which you will pay upon arrival.
  • Single room accommodation must be booked at least 60 days in advance.
  • All meals and drinks, except what is mentioned above, are excluded.

This tour can be operated in Spring and Summer season.


  • Tehran

    The Capital of Artifacts

    The First day

    Upon arrival at Tehran international airport, our agent will meet you to assist with the arrival practicalities, as well as arranging your transfer to the hotel.

    Your first overnight is in Tehran, the capital.



  • Tehran

    The Second day

    Historical events and decisions were made inside the rooms and the corridors of Golestan Palace in Tehran, where we start our first excursion of the first day.

    The National Museum will then display fabulous historical items from 5000 BC onwards to show a glimpse of a long standing culture and civilization in Iran.

    The National Museum of Jewelry will not show anything short of the finest collection of historical as well as Royal treasures.

  • Tehran

    The Third day

    The day starts with a visit to Abgineh Museum, which displays a historical glassware and ceramic collection.

    Persian carpets are not only beautiful, unique and valuable, but also have a special place in the Persian culture. Your experience at the Carpet Museum will be unique.

    The day will be rounded up by visiting Saad-Abad Palace; the residence of the last Emperor of Iran.

  • Kashan

    The Oasis

    The Forth day

    The city of Kashan is like an oasis in the desert. In the heart of Kashan, we will visit the traditional House of Borujerdi, where we will see how the Persian upper class used to live in old day.

    A major political event in Iran’s history took place in Fin Garden of Kashan, which was evolved around a great Iranian scholar and statesman. Let’s discuss it when we get there!

  • Yazd

    The Birthplace of Fire

    The Fifth day

    We start the day with a general city tour in Yazd to get glimpses of the city’s famous Wind Catchers.

    We will then visit the prominent structure of Amir Chakhmaqh Complex, which is known for its symmetrical sunken alcoves.

    The Zoroastrian Fire Temple will be the next stop; a place of worship of the ancient Iranian religion.

    The day will be concluded by visiting the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, an ancient cemetery.

  • Yazd

    The Sixth day 

    We visit the grand, congregational mosque of Yazd, Jāmeh Mosque. This mosque is so significant in Iran, that it is depicted on the obverse of the Iranian banknotes.

    Afterwards, we will walk around the mysterious, historical and beautiful Yazd Old Town.

    We will conclude the day by visiting Yazd Water Museum showcasing the region's ancient aqueduct construction, featuring tools & technology exhibits.

  • Shiraz

    The Grandiose Core

    The Seventh day

    On the road from Yazd to Shiraz, we will observe the vastness and diversity of the Iranian landscape.

    Upon arrival to Shiraz, we will visit the mausoleums of the famous Iranian poets, i.e. Hafiz and Saadi.

    Further, we will visit Vakil Bazaar, the traditional and historical market place in Shiraz.



  • Shiraz

    The Eighth day

    On this day, we have many ancient sites to visit, where an unmatched experience of the grandiose of the Persian Empire will be guaranteed. We will visit Persepolis, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great (559–530 BC), followed by Naghshe-Rostam, and finally Naghshe- Rajab.

  • Shiraz

    The Ninth day

    A visit to Shiraz is not completed without visiting Eram Garden and Narenjestan Museum, where one can expedience the beauty of the Persian gardens. The English word “Paradise” is coming from the Persian word for garden, i.e. “Pardis”.

    Next visit will be to Pasargad, the final resting place of Cyrus The Great of Achaemenid Empire.

  • Isfahan

    The Cradle Of Art

    The Tenth day

    A Persian proverb says: “If you’ve seen Isfahan, then you’ve seen half of the world”.

    Visiting the artistically built Chehel-Soroon Palace will be followed by visiting the world’s largest ancient square, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, which is surrounded and embraced by Isfahan’s Grand Bazaar.

    Aali-Ghapoo Palace, which is adjacent to Royal Mosque and in front of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque will be the next sites on the visiting list.

    The magnificent Vank Church, an Armenian Cathedral, and adjacent museum are our next stops.

    The ancient bridges Si-O-Se Pol and Pol-e Khadjo will be the next attractions to see before calling off the day.




  • Isfahan

    The Eleventh day

    The day starts by visiting Masjed Jameh, the oldest mosque in Isfahan, which is located in the old part of Isfahan.

    We will then visit a traditional Iranian Zour-Khaneh, where the ancient Iranian warriors used to sharpen their skills and to stay fit.

    The next visit will be to the  old “Swinging Minarets” of Isfahan, Menar-e Jonban.

    The Zoroastrian fire temple of Isfahan, Atashgah, will be the last historical place to visit in this amazing city.

    Visiting a Pigeon Tower, an ancient agricultural fertilization structure, will be on the day’s agenda too.

    By the end of the program, you will be transferred to and assisted at the airport for your departure.



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